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Fedora Quick Reference Commands

Based upon Fedora Project 24 to 32.

Package Management

Task Usage Example Info
Details dnf info package-name
Available Updates dnf check-update
Find what Provides a file/sub-package dnf provides /bin/bash
History dnf history
Install dnf install package-name
Install from Repo dnf --enablerepo=repo-name install package-name
Installed dnf list installed
List Files In Package dnf repoquery -l freetype.i686
Repositories All dnf repolist all
Repositories Enabled dnf repolist
Remove (uninstall) dnf remove package-name
Remove Orphan dnf autoremove
Remove Cached dnf clean all
Update dnf upgrade package-name
Update All Installed dnf upgrade
Search for a Package dnf search keyword


Task Usage Example Info
Rebuild Kernel Modules akmods --force This sometimes needs to be done after an Nvidia update.