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Arch Linux Quick Reference Commands

Journalctl Management

Task Usage Example Info
Clear Journalctl Logs journalctl --vacuum-time=2w Keep only 2 weeks of logs, clear the rest.

Package Management

Task Usage Example Info
Clear Package Cache paccache -k2 -r Keep 2 weeks of cache, clear the rest.
GPG Recieve Key gpg --recv-keys --keyserver hkp:// key-id
GPG Recieve Key gpg --recv-keys key-id Imports key for unknown public key, Lear More
Install Package pacman -S package-name Pacman
List Package Dependencies pactree package-name Package dependency tree viewer. Requires pacman-contrib package.
List AUR/Manual Packages Installed pacman -Qm
Package Usage whoneeds package-name List all the packages recursively depending on an installed package. Requires pkgtools package.
Remove Package pacman -R
Search Installed pacman -Qs keyword
Search files database pacman -Fs filename
Search file provided by package pkgfile -s filename
View Package Info pacman -Si package-name