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Raspberry Pi Touch Display

Hardware layed out on a surface with Raspberry Pi Touch Display, adapter board, DSI ribbon cable, bunch of jumper cables, four stand-offs and screws. The back of a Raspberry Pi Touch Display with adapter board mounted and DSI ribbon cable connected.

The 7" touchscreen display for Raspberry Pi, is intended for interactive projects such as tablets, entertainment systems, and information dashboards.

The display connects to a Raspberry Pi via an adapter board that handles power and signal conversion. Two connections are required to the Raspberry Pi board (not the Pi Zero family or Pi 400), power from the GPIO port, and a ribbon cable that connects to the DSI (display serial interface) port.


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Package Contents

The kit includes the following items.

  • 7" Touchscreen Display
  • 4 jumper wires
  • 4 screws
  • 4 stand-off screws
  • Adapter board
  • DSI ribbon cable



  • Assembly Module size: 192.96 mm × 110.76 mm
  • Display Size (diagonal): 7 inches
  • Display Format: 800 (RGB) × 480 pixels
  • Active Area: 154.08 mm × 85.92 mm
  • LCD Type: TFT, normally white, transmissive
  • Touch Panel: True multi-touch capacitive touch panel with up to 10 points of absolution
  • Surface Treatment: Anti-glare
  • Colour Configuration: RGB-stripe
  • Backlight Type: LED B/L


Hardware production end-of-life at least until January 2028