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Git Quick Reference Commands

Task Command Example Notes Reference
Branch Create git branch new-branch-name Create a new branch from head (active branch checked out). git-scm: git-branch
Branch List git branch List available local branches. The current branch checked out is noted with an asterisk.
Branch Delete git branch -d branch-name Delete/remove a branch from local repository.
Branch Rename git branch -m old-branch-name new-branch-name Rename/Move a branch from local repository.
Clean git clean -d -f -x Remove all files not under source control.
Clone git clone URL Clone a repository from remote to local git-scm: git-clone
Clone git clone git@hostname:project-name.git
Clone git clone -b branch-name Clone a repository from a remote to local of a specific branch.
Checkout git checkout master Checkout local branch called "master". git-scm: git-checkout
Checkout Branch git checkout -b new-branch-name Create a new branch from head (active branch checked out) and then checkout new branch. git-scm: git-checkout
Commit git commit -am "Add the message" Commit all stage files with an associated message. git-scm: git-commit
Config git config -l List all of the git config
Diff git diff Show changes between commits, commit and working tree, etc. git-scm: git-diff
Init git init Create an empty Git repository. git-scm: git-init
Log git log Show commit logs from the working tree. git-scm: git-log
Local Add git add Add a specific file for commit. git-scm: git-add
Local Add git add . Add recursively all files/directories for commit. git-scm: git-add
Merge git merge branch-name Merge a local branch into current head (active branch). git-scm: git-merge
Patch Create git format-patch master --stdout > fix.patch Creates a patch file for all the changes from the current branch to the master branch. How to create and apply a patch with Git
Patch Stat git apply --stat fix.patch Show what the patch will be doing.
Patch Check git apply --check fix.patch Apply the patch as a test to see if it will work before actually applying the patch.
Patch Apply git apply < fix.patch Apply the patch to the current head.
Patch Apply git am --signoff < fix.patch Apply the patch to the current head and signoff.
Pull git pull origin develop Fetches and then merges changes from origin (remote repository) from the develop branch. git-scm: git-pull
Pull git pull Fetches and then merges changes from tracked head.
Push git push origin develop Update origin (remote repository) to the develop branch from local. git-scm: git-push
Remote git remote -v List the set of tracked repositories with URL. git-scm: git-remote
Remote Add git remote add origin url Add a remote repository.
Remote Remove git remote remove origin Remove a remote tracked repository by name from local.
Reset git reset hash Reset current HEAD to the specified state. Replace "hash" with the desired state in which to go back to. git-scm: git-reset
Show git show Show various types of objects. git-scm: git-show
Stash git stash Stash the changes in a dirty working directory away. git-scm: git-stash
Stash Drop git stash drop Remove a single stashed state from the stash list. When no is given, it removes the latest one (i.e. stash@{0}).
Stash Save git stash save stash-name Save your local modifications to a new stash, and run git reset --hard to revert all changes back to current state.
Stash Show git stash show Show the changes recorded in the stash as a diff between the stashed state and its original parent.
Stash List git stash list List the stashes that you currently have listed in newest to oldest.
Stash Pop git stash pop Remove a single stashed state from the stash list and apply it on top of the current working tree state.
Status git status Show the working tree status (changes). git-scm: git-status
Tag List git tag List the tags within the checked out branch. git-scm: git-tag
Tag a Commit git tag -a 1.1.19 5acaeb1 -m "Added comments home.ctp." Add an annotate to specific commit (hash) with a message.