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Xresource Configuration

  • "!" Is a comment in perl.
  • For all the listed extensions to work, you will need the following packages:
  • urxvt-perls
  • rxvt-unicode-terminfo

Example of ~/.Xresources

!rxvt-unicode config
! General
!URxvt*termName:                rxvt-256color
!URxvt*.loginShell:             true
!URxvt*.override-redirect:  false
!URxvt*borderLess:              false
!URxvt*.internalBorder:          0
!URxvt*externalBorder:          2

URxvt*.scrollBar:               false
URxvt*.secondaryScroll:         true           !enable buffer scrolling 
URxvt*.saveLines:               65535          !save the maximum number of lines
URxvt*.cursorBlink:             false          !disable annoying blinky cursor 
URxvt*.urgentOnBell:            false          !
URxvt*.iso14755:                false          !disable ctrl + shift actions
URxvt*.depth:                   32
URxvt*.background:              [85]#000000    !background colour
URxvt*.foreground:              #7FFF00        !font colour
URxvt*.buffered:                false
URxvt*.url-select.underline:    true           !underline urls
URxvt*.colorUL:                 #4682B4        !url underline colour
URxvt*.font:                    xft:Source Code Pro:size=14
URxvt*.color4:                  RoyalBlue
URxvt*.color12:                 RoyalBlue

! Extensions
URxvt*.perl-lib:                /usr/lib/urxvt/perl/
URxvt*.perl-ext-common:         default,matcher,tabbedex,searchable-scrollback,clipboard
URxvt*.url-launcher:            /usr/bin/firefox

!catch ugly URLs
URxvt*.cutchars:                "\`\"\'()*,<>[]{|}"
URxvt*.matcher.button:          1

!Clipboard stuff
!NOTE: awesome-wm has been configured to use xsel with Mod4 + c/v
!URxvt*.clipboard.copycmd:          xclip -i -selection clipboard
!URxvt*.clipboard.pastecmd:         xclip -o -selection clipboard

!Key bindings - So far these have not worked properly with awesome-wm
URxvt*.keysym.Mod4-c:           perl:clipboard:copy
URxvt*.keysym.Mod4-v:           perl:clipboard:paste
URxvt*.keysym.Mod4-C-v:         perl:clipboard:paste_escaped
!URxvt*.keysym.M-u:             perl:url-select:select_next
!URxvt*.keysym.M-Escape:        perl:keyboard-select:activate
!URxvt*.keysym.M-s:             perl:keyboard-select:search

!Xft config
! Render setting for cairo -> pango -> gtk
!Xft.dpi:        96
!Xft.antialias:  true
!Xft.hinting:    true
!Xft.rgba:       rgb
!Xft.hintstyle:  hintslight